We Have Arrived!

We arrived a month ago in Israel after planning for a year. We had a word that our coming in would be easy and it has been. We have moved into a house in Abu Gosh where a Christian presence had been for 6.5 years through the persons of Dr. Joe Christian and his wife Beverly. We are currently in the process of buying some more furniture and household items. We should finish this up in another couple of weeks.

Helen and I are beginning to spy out the land once again. We have attended three different congregations this last month – one in Tel Aviv and two here in Jerusalem. We will continue traveling some over the next couple of months to different congregations in the country and getting a sense of what God is doing in the different congregations.

We have talked to many old friends this past month and also some of their children whom we have known for years. Many of these children are now in their thirties and forties with children of their own. One is a major in the Israeli Defense Forces so we also got a perspective from the political and military side of things concerning the continual conflict going on between the Palestinians and Israelis or not going on depending on your perspective on the conflict.

Blessings in your lives as you continue to follow the Messiah Yeshua, the Son of God.

Mike & Helen