The HARVEST is happening RIGHT NOW in Israel.Let's play our part!

Jerusalem Descending is a ministry founded by Mike and Helen Lambert that is committed to the HARVEST in the land of Israel. In 1974, God began to speak to Mike Lambert out of the book of Ezekiel that they were called as WATCHMEN for the House of Israel – both the literal nation of Israel and the church. Since that time, Mike and Helen Lambert have spent fourteen years in the nation of Israel and have traveled all over the world ministering to the church in many nations. They have taken the good news of Yeshua (Jesus) and His restoring power wherever they have gone. Yeshua said He would restore the nation of Israel to the LAND, bring a spiritual restoration of the Jewish people to their Messiah, and that He would restore the church to the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit throughout the earth. God has done it, is doing it, and will continue to do it. The ultimate culmination at the end of times is the new JERUSALEM DESCENDING from above. Now is the time for the Lambert family to be reapers in the HARVEST that they have sown in the LAND for so many decades.

Mike and Helen Lambert

Mike and Helen Lambert have been watchman for the Church and Israel for decades. They have ministered in the nations of England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Mexico, Iceland, Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, and the Far East – Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore with the GOOD NEWS of Jesus. These beautiful servants of God have been plowers and sowers in the land of Israel – from their early days in Kibbutz Einat, living in Jerusalem for 17 years, and pastoring in the land for ten years.

The HARVEST has begun in Israel and they are returning NOW to reap during the days of HARVEST. It is time to send them back to the LAND of ISRAEL to reap what they have sown. This website is designed to help share the vision of this mission and to empower the people of God to do just that.


A perfect way to serve the people of Israel is to support people like Mike & Helen Lambert who are currently in Israel and know the culture, the land, the people and most of all their Messiah Yeshua. It is time for action! Sow a seed and reap a harvest! Please visit our DONATIONS page for more details.